Why you? KARMA!

We think your home is in a good location to reach many low-data smart sensors that are already making life easier around our town. From smart dog collars and pest traps, to bike rental and boat locators, you can keep them all online and connected by hosting a hotspot. We only need one host per ¼ mile, so do not wait and let someone else claim your neighborhood!

How safe is it? 100%!

Our hotspots comply with all FCC regulations. Each hotspot is built with AES encrypted hardware, so any traffic in the 900MHz spectrum instantly protects the network from any potential hackers. Our devices cannot listen or monitor your internet in any way!

What is my cost? ZERO!

We provide the hotspot device which only requires SW of power (less then a lightbulb) and uses small amounts of internet data (about as much as a photo email per day) and it's only about the size of a book! We will even come over and plug it in for you. It only takes about 5 minuets to set up!

Who are we? NEIGHBORS!

We live in Mystic and have partnered with the Helium Network to place hotspots around our town (and we have one in our house too!) To date there are 25,000 of these hotspots around the US. By setting up the local network we hope to offset some of our future education costs. If you want to know more, please call, text, or email me!

Fill out this quick form. If we don't have a host on your street yet, we will give you a call.

Or if you have ANY questions just call, email, message, or text us at 860.912.2890 or